From Catherine

Good Day Everyone!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Catherine and I am the property manager for your unit. Today, Sheri Dunn, the outside property manager informed me that she has assigned new parking spaces for everyone. Please see the chart below.

In addition, Sheri handed out pool/gate keys to those of you who were home. The remaining keys can be obtained at the Metro Realty office. Please let me know when you’ll be there to pick it up. She made one for each unit and she will copy another upon your request.

Here is our company address:

Metro Realty 2302 N Central Ave, Suite 12, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

A reminder, all rent payments should go through Cozy. This is the last month that we will accept checks. All maintenance issues should be placed in Cozy.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We will be updating you with all new information as decisions are made.

I am always at your service,


Catherine del Rey, Property Manager, 480.239.7447

The Parking Space Assignment Chart

Unit#                    Space#                                                              Unit#                    Space#


101                       1                                                                         206                       10

102                       2                                                                         107                       11

103                       3                                                                         207                       12

203                       4                                                                         108                       13

104                       5                                                                         208                       14

204                       6                                                                         109                       15

105                       7                                                                         209                       16

205                       8                                                                         110                       17

106                       9                                                                         210                       18

From Sheri

From Sheri: The open spaces at the north end of this area are considered first come first serve. The street parking is also open, this is City parking not HOA.

Should you have any questions please contact management ASAP. A new tow service will be posting their tow notices on the carports, any vehicles parking in unassigned spaces could be towed at the owners expense.

I have created a work order to the handyman to paint the curbs under the carport spaces RESERVED #1 – #18. – This will be done asap.

Also will have him get on these roofs to check on any debris or roof issues he may be able to see. – This is on the same work order.

I will contact the locksmith to check the status of the locks for the gates, and get keys made to provide to you. (10 keys)

Once I have the painting done on curbs, and the locksmith done. I’ll contact the tree service and have them come out and finish off the trimming of the remaining palms.

I have sent an email to the current pool service to make sure one or her two day service is done on Friday’s.

Please let me know if there is something I’ve missed.

Have a great week and weekend.

Sheri Dunn :: Community Manager, CAAM

City Property Management Company

4645 E. Cotton Gin Loop, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Work 602.437.4777 x 2182 :: Cell 602.434.0146 ::

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