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Simon Bowen is a realtor specializing in investment, residential, and commercial real estate. Bowen has worked at Metro Realty for two years as Assistant to the Executive Broker allowing him to learn the nuances of what it takes to perform like the top 1% of all brokers. Simon also works by referral and uses the Buffini ReferralMaker system.  

When Simon was 16, he started a company called Executive Wash & Wax LLC. His mobile detailing company offered waterless washes and high end detailing from the comfort of the customers home. 

Bowen is currently attending Grand Canyon University in both the Honors College and Colangelo School of Business. He is on a 3+1 program that will award him a Master’s in Business Management in 4 years total.

In his free time, Bowen researches investment opportunities in both real estate and in the stock market.


  • Multifamily Investments
  • Property Management
  • Residential Leasing


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