Top 10 Ways (and more) to Fix Up Your House Before You Sell


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Q. We’ve purchased a new house, and are selling our existing home. We don’t have a lot of money to fix up our existing home before selling it. Do you have any inexpensive suggestions?


A. The typical response from all realtors are; carpets and paint. There are so many other low cost things that you can do to help you sell your home.


1. Deep clean your home. Make it sparkle. That includes washing all of the baseboards, cabinets, and closets.


2. If your master bedroom looks drab, add new linens, pillows, and shams to spice up the bedroom. It also adds some color


3. Buy a bright colored curtain and rug to perk up a dull bathroom.



 4. Regrout your tile if your bathroom grout is chipped or discolored.


5. Eliminate clutter. Remove photos, knickknacks,refrigerator magnet and other personal items. Organize your cabinets and closets.


6. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Put away appliances


7. Arrange your furniture so it focuses on your home’s strongest feature (it may be a view, a garden, flowers, or a painting.


8. Remove excess furniture


9. Create a “model Home” look, clean, attractive with well-placed items


10. Dress up your rooms with attractive area rugs and framed prints


11. Install new light fixtures if they are damaged or unappealing


12. Paint your walls neutral tones. Paint the front door if needed


13. Trim bushes and make sure the outside landscaping is neat and clean.


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