Miley Cyrus can help you save money on your home energy


Miley Cyrus can help you save money on your home energyDancing kid courtesy of Microsoft images.

Vigorous twerking to the strains of Wrecking Ball can help you expend energy, if you’re trying to lose weight after the holidays. But Miley Cyrus’s music has also been demonstrated to save you energy—solar energy—and money on your utility bills.

Yes, a recent study has shown that playing pop and rock music to your solar panels increases their efficiency. The high frequency sounds cause vibrations that enhance their ability to generate energy, according to the trendy researchers at Queen Mary University and Imperial College London.

“We thought the sound waves, which produce random fluctuations, would cancel each other out and so didn’t expect to see any significant overall effect on the power output,” said James Durrant, Professor of Photochemistry at Imperial College London and unwitting punster.

“The key [sic] for us was that not only that the random fluctuations from the sound didn’t cancel each other out, but also that some frequencies of sound seemed really to amplify the solar cell output – so that the increase in power was a remarkably big effect considering how little sound energy we put in.”

Sorry, classical music doesn’t work. You can’t really rock out to Lizst.

So for maximum energy benefits, turn up the volume on Miley’s music so your solar panels vibrate, and then twerk like nobody’s watching.

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