The Metro Phoenix area offers everything from world-class resorts and fine dining to exhilarating adventure. You will find spectacular malls, quaint boutique shops, tendy nightlife and enriching culture. But Phoenix is beauty. We have rugged mountain ranges, forests of giant Saguaro cacti and awe inspiring sunsets. There are many places to see and experience. Phoenix is adventure.


Phoenix has exploded to become the nation’s fifth largest city with over 1.6 million residents. Unlike other cities that have grown slowly over time, Phoenix catapulted to this position in a relatively short time.

In 1950 the city had over 17 square miles. It has grown to more than 450 square miles and the population has grown fifteen fold from the 100,000.

Before World War II, Phoenix was a sleepy little southwestern town known for fields of cotton, lemons, and oranges. Once the war was over and young adults were starting their lives, Phoenix began to grow and has not slowed down to this day.

Tourism Destination
But new residents aren’t the only ones who flock to Phoenix. Tourism is one of the metropolitan area’s leading industries employing over 250,000. The tourism season in Phoenix starts in October to April, but the busiest times are January to March. As you will hear from residents of Phoenix, in May when the “SNOWBIRDS” leave town there is a relief in traffic.

Outdoor Activity: “Mountains in the middle of the city” 
Phoenicians have two things in common: an appreciation for sunny weather and an active, outdoor lifestyle. Phoenix is considered one of the sunniest cities in the country, enjoying sunshine more than 330 days each year. The largest municipal park in the world, the 16,500-acre South Mountain Park, serves as the city’s southern border. A mecca for hiking, biking and horseback riding, South Mountain Park is known as the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, that encircles the city.

Morning workouts hiking to the top of Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain are popular, plus there are another 1,700 acres of traditional city parks; some include golf courses.

 Arts and Culture

Phoenix has grown into a true cultural center. It is home to an array of museums and art groups that is known spread throughout the revitalized Downtown Phoenix area and the Uptown Arts District. The new wave of artists are emerging throught the area and Phoenix now has a new vibe to its arts scene.

First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix draws a crowd of up to 10,000 people. People from all over the metropolitan Phoenix area join together to visit the various art studios that are located in Downtown Phoenix. Transportation to each venue is free and starts at the Phoenix Art Museum on Central Avenue. For more information, visit or call 602.256.7539.

 Art Links

Cricket Wireless Pavillion-602.254.7200-

Dodge Theatre-602.379.2802-

Herberger Theater Center- 602.252.8497-

Orpheum Theater- 602.262.7272-

Phoenix Symphony Hall- 800.776.9080-

Arts Organizations   

Arizona Opera- 877.639.0188-

Arizona Theatre Company- 602.256.6995-

Arizona Women in Tune- 602.487.1940-

Ballet Arizona- 888.322.5538-

Phoenix Opera- 866.673.7148-

Phoenix Symphony- 602.999.1157-

Phoenix Theatre- 602. 254.2151-

Valley Youth Theater- 602.253.8188-