Arizona National Parks & Monuments

Arizona is home to three national parks, 14 national monuments and six national recreation or historic sites. For complete information please visit: or . Here are a few.

Grand Canyon National Park– The Grand Kahuna of National Parks, this world famous canyon was carved over millions of years by the Colorado River is located in Northern Arizona. 928.638.7888 . 


Petrified Forest National Park– Brilliantly colored fossilized logs set in an amazing landscape. 929.524.6228.

Saguaro National Park– This is the largest forest of giant Saguaro Cactus in the world. 520.733.5153 (Rincon Mountain District) 520.733.5158 (Tucson Mountain District).

Canyon de Chelly National Monument– The Navajo Nation is the proud steward of the beautiful canyon and well preserved cliff dwellings. 928.674.5500

Chiricahua National Monument– Found in Southern Arizona, you will discover eroded, rocky pinnacles and unusual wildlife. 520.824.3560 ext 302.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument– Explore colorful volcano and cinder cones with extensive lava flows. 928.526.1157.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument– Found just south of Phoenix, this imposing four story Hohokam period building dates back to the 14th century. 520.723.3172.

Montezuma Castle National Monument– This amazing feat of engineering is bult into a high cliff.          928. 567.3322.

Pipe Spring National Monument– Early Mormon settlers built this fort in the 19th century. 928.643.7105 .

Tonto National Monument– These two well  preserved cliff dwellings are found high above Roosevelt Lake. 928.467.2241.

Tuzigoot National Monument– This historic Native American ruin can be found in the picturesque Verde River Valley. 928.634.5564.

Walnut Canyon National Monument– These well preserved sandstone cliff dwellings can be found in the deep wooded canyon near Flagstaff. 928. 526.3367.

Wapatki National Monument– This is an amazing collection of Indian ruins still standing at the edge of the Painted Desert. 928.679.2365.