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SPUR CROSS STABLE: Horseback Riding in Cave Creek

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My family and I had the privilege to experience the wonderous Sonoran desert in Cave Creek, Arizona. Spur Cross Stable has some of the nicest horses in Arizona and it was pleasure to view the landscape on these beasts.

Here is their information found on their website. Prices start at $77 for two people for an hour ride. It's worth it!

  Phoenix, Arizona horseback riding in Cave Creek is at Spur Cross Stables – horseback riding stables providing horse trail riding for Phoenix, Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

Arizona horseback riding is our specialty, so come on out and treat yourself and your family to the Phoenix horseback riding vacation of your dreams in the Tonto National Forest.

Our Cave Creek horseback riding ranch is located on the site of an 1870 gold mine, so it’s rich in the history of this area.


Click here to make a reservation!

Our horse trail riding guided tours can be tailored specifically to fit your Arizona horseback riding needs, from 1 hour to a full day.


Design your own private ride or group ride, exploring natural wonders on our six Trailblazer Rides, with Cave Creek horseback riding journeys that include the 1) Native American Ruins Trail Ride, 2) Petroglyphs Trail Ride, 3) Seven Springs Trail Ride, 4) Stagecoach Stop Trail Ride,  5) Crested Headed Saguaro Trail Ride.


Go Arizona horseback riding early in the cool morning air, or later in the day to enjoy the sunset. Our friendly, experienced cowgirls and cowboys will mount you up on one of our 50 beautiful, gentle trail riding horses, many of which are rescues.


There’s plenty of time on this casual ride for pictures as our guides lead you through the towering Saguaro cactus, Prickly Pear and many other desert plants, shrubs and cacti.



Click here for detailed descriptions of our Trailblazer Rides.

Before your Arizona horseback riding experience at Spur Cross Stables, we take the time to introduce you to your horse, including all the tips you need to know on how to direct it throughout your Phoenix horseback riding journey.


So even if horse trail riding is new to you, you’ll feel comfortable and confident on your Phoenix, Cave Creek and Scottsdale horseback riding experience.


When you arrive here for Arizona horseback riding, be sure to say “Hi” to Sugar, Smokey and Primo our miniature horses, then enjoy feeding a cracker or carrot to one of our many small animals at this Phoenix horseback riding ranch.


 Meet Sally our mini Dexter cow, Gilbert and Norman our male pot-bellied pigs, Roscoe the mini donkey, and his buddies Jake and Lookout. And don’t miss Jack, our old pygmy goat.


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Of course, the best animal friend you’ll make during your Arizona horseback riding visit is the horse you’ll be riding, who you’ll be able to thank for the experience with a treat you can give them at the end of the ride.


Minimum age for horse trail riding at Spur Cross Stables is 6 years old, however we can accommodate younger ages in our Lil’ Buckaroos program for children who are not ready to ride alone on our Cave Creek horseback riding trails.


For more information, Log on to



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The Amazing Chris Bianco owner of Pizzeria Bianco

 Before Friday, I had never been to Pizzeria Bianco. Bon Appetit had rated it the Number One pizza place in the United States, Oprah and the Food Network had also supported that claim. Shockingly, I live only two Metro stops away from this iconic establishment. There were no excuses except for the fact that I had heard that the lines were long and the wait time was exorbitant. There was no way I was going to wait for hours for PIZZA!

 My opportunity arrived in the form of my web master, Victor. ( )  He and his wife, Amy had helped me create my website ( and had gone the extra mile in its creation. I could also go the extra mile for them. 

Victor wanted Italian food so the decision was made-  the trekking to the Number One pizza place in the United States, Pizzeria Bianco was to begin.

I googled and asked around for advice on how to make this experience an enjoyable one. First, I discovered that you can make reservations a month in advance. Everyone I spoke to had tried that method and failed. Reservations were always taken up in a matter of minutes.

With no possibility of a reservation, I decided to wait in line like so many other Phoenicians before me. Conventional wisdom on the internet told me to show up at 3:30 PM as the doors opened at 5:00 PM.

Pizzeria Bianco is located in a small house in the charming Heritage Square. I decided to go with the flow and relax. I knew that the wait would not be that terrible. Thinking that perhaps everyone would show up at 3:30 PM, I decided to show up at  2:00 PM.  I was the first to arrive and had the opportunity to observe the staff making the pizza dough. In the front of the restaurant, there is a patio and plenty of benches and tables. It made the wait a little more comfortable.

Bianco Margherita Pizza

I brought a book to read and never opened it. The next group arrived at 2:15 PM and the flow of humanity began.

I met people from Oregon, San Francisco, Germany, and Italy whose conversations were interesting and exciting (there is a common thread among people who would wait hours in line for pizza) and time passed very quickly.

At 4 PM, an hour before the restaurant opened, Bar Bianco opened and scouts were sent from the line to the bar to buy drinks and appetizers. The “Bar Next Door” is conveniently located in a cozy and relaxing home-like building and has comfortable seating in the bar. Bar Bianco also has a polite staff who attend to your drinking needs. It was a beautiful night so we had our drinks outside.

The wait was long, yes-BUT if you have some alcoholic beverages in your veins it makes the wait almost a delight.

After waiting for three hours, the doors finally opened and the first shift of fortunate foodies entered the restaurant. I was, of course, first in line and had my choice of seating. The first 30 people were able to sit in the first shift. Those who arrived after those 30 would have a 2-3 hour wait.

What can you say about this pizza… For me, it was the best pizza I have ever eaten. I love New York pizza but this pizza is very different. It was more of a Neapolitan type pizza, brick oven, thin crusted concoction with absolutely amazing ingredients for the toppings. 
My two favorite pizzas were  The ROSA  (Red Onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, Rosemary, AZ Pistachios) and the BIANCOVERDE (Fresh Mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, Ricotta, Arugula).  The cheese is the secret ingredient in all of these pizzas; homemade to perfection. The Biancoverde was my absolute favorite and the arugula on top gave the pizza not only a beautiful presentation but a very unique taste.

Pizzeria Bianco: Heritage Square: Downtown Phoenix

Dining at Pizzeria Bianco is an event and the waiting is part of the fun. If you want a relaxed and memorable night out with plenty of fun, check it out. If you are in a hurry, forget it.

The prices are fantastic for this quality.  The pizzas range in price from $11 to $14. 

Click here for  Pizzeria Bianco’s website.

Contact Catherine for any other questions about her experience, or 480.239.7447.

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